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Care Quality Commission assessments of adult social care – the communications response

Effective communications before, during and after an assessment is a crucial part of the process.

This resource looks at how strategic communications should play a significant role in managing a successful Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment of adult social care provision at your council – and gives you an introduction to how to plan and deliver communications well during the assessment.

The introduction of a rigorous assessment of how councils in England are performing against their adult social care duties, under article 1 of the 2014 Care Act, provides both a challenge and an opportunity for strategic communications in your authority.

Clearly, there are challenges related to serious reputational risk, particularly if it is found that a council is failing to deliver its duties adequately and requires intervention.

However, there are opportunities too to communicate and celebrate the council’s achievements and to help engage stakeholders internally and externally in further improving performance.

This guidance takes a detailed look at how you can apply strategic communications best practice both to manage the risks and to maximise the positive benefits of the process.

The content is based on existing good practice but also on the very recent experience of councils who were part of the Government’s initial pilot or have started their assessment journey.