Adult Social Care Peer Challenge Logistics – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions you may have on our peer challenge process.

How many days will a Peer be out of the office for during a Peer Challenge?
Peers will typically spend four days out of the office during a Peer Challenge.

Where do Peer Challenges take place?
Peer Challenges take place at the offices of the council which has requested the challenge.

Where do Peers stay when undertaking a Peer Challenge?
The Peer Team will stay at a hotel booked by the LGA, nearby to the council where the Peer Challenge will be taking place. Typically, Peers will check into the hotel during the evening preceding the start of the challenge and check out on the morning of the final day.

What practical arrangements do Peers need to make for themselves?
Peers only need to organise their travel to and from the Peer Challenge. All expenses incurred for travel will be reimbursed. 

Who covers the costs incurred by Peers during a Peer Challenge?
At the end of a Peer Challenge, Peers will be able to claim expenses (travel, meals etc.) incurred travelling to and from as well as during the challenge itself. 

Who does the Peer Team comprise of?
Peer Teams comprise of a combination of senior council officers, an elected council member and those with lived-experience of Adult Social Services.

Who manages the Peer Team?
The Peer Team is managed by the Peer Challenge manager. Peer Challenge managers will tend to not only have management experience but also of working in Adult Social Services Departments. Typically, Peer Challenge managers will also have managed numerous Peer Challenges.

Who leads the Peer Team?
The Peer Team is typically led by a current director of Adult Social Services at a council.

When do the Peer Team meet for the first time?
The Peer Team will meet virtually in the weeks leading up to the challenge to get to know one and another and to discuss the practicalities of the work to be undertaken. During the evening preceding the challenge, Peers will have a team dinner in (usually) the hotel restaurant. 

If you would like to become a Peer or require further information on Adult Social Care Peer Challenges, please contact [email protected].