Changes in political leadership case studies

A selection of case studies covering changes in political leadership.

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Following local elections there are likely to be some changes in political leadership across the country. Some councils may find themselves with a change of control, no overall control, a new leader or a new cabinet.

This resource is a collection of case studies from councils with practical hints and tips from Chief Executives and leaders who have found themselves dealing with a change in political leadership.

In the coming weeks, it will include examples as well as guidance on what to do to support new working arrangements both immediately after the election and in the longer term, as well as details of closed learning webinars for chief executives and a peer network.

The information on this hub is an introduction to our support offer of bespoke and tailored support for councils who are facing or have experienced a change in political leadership. Please contact your principal adviser to discuss this further.

We hope you find this information useful and would like to thank the leading councillors, chief executives and managing directors who have given their time to share their experiences and the lessons they have learnt. Should you have any comments or suggestions, or wish to contribute to the growing body of work on this subject, please emailĀ [email protected]