Cyber Unpacked

Cyber Unpacked is the first module of Unpacking Digitalisation, a series of short explainer videos on digital concepts, created to support officers and councillors who are digital newcomers.

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Each video takes a term or concept that you might hear during conversations about cyber security and digital, and unpacks it using animated examples. These videos are a tool for members and officers to improve understanding of cyber risk in under 3 minutes, which can aid decision making in the long-term.

To help with this work, we would like you to share these videos with your colleagues. The videos, transcripts and related resources can be found below. You can also download the videos, along with image assets, in the LGA's Dropbox folder to use on your comms channels.

What is cyber security?

The first video in the series will define cyber security, explain why cyber security is important, and introduce and explain some key terms you may hear when learning about cyber security.

What is a network?

The second video in Cyber Unpacked explains what a network is, outlines basic network components and explains the difference between public and private networks.

What is data?

The third video in the series will define data, describe the differences between data and information, define data-related terms, and link this back to cyber security in your council.

Data backups and the NCSC 3-2-1 rule

The fourth video in Cyber Unpacked defines what we mean by data backups, explains what the NCSC 3-2-1 rule is and how to apply it at your council.

What does good password security entail?

The fifth video of the series is all about password security. We define what a password is and lay out good password security practice for you to follow.

What is a cyber vulnerability?

This video explains all about cyber vulnerabilities, including what a zero-day vulnerability is, and the measures you can take to reduce the negative consequences of any which are exploited.

What is ransomware and malware?

This video defines malware and ransomware, and explains how ransomware can affect councils.

What is phishing?

This video will explain what phishing is, the tell tale signs of a phishing attack and what you can do to protect yourself from them.

What does good supply chain security entail?

This video explains why good supply chain security is needed and the practical steps you can take to achieve it.

What does BCP and DRP refer to?

This video explains what Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans are and how they relate to each other.