Working together to ensure an a cohesive, resident-focused approach to digital transformation

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This page brings together resources to support council works with public, private and third sector partners to ensure an integrated, cohesive, and resident-focused approach to public sector digital transformation and digital service provision.

Resources and support

  • Embedding cyber resilience in local government supply chains - the LGA has worked with PUBLIC and cyber security partner DAINTTA to develop online guidance to help councils embed greater cyber resilience in their procurement processes and supply chains.
  • Digital Inclusion Programme - supports 10 councils to work with specific cohorts of residents to support those who haven’t had the skills, confidence or infrastructure to go online so they can benefit from the potential for digital tools and solutions to contribute to improving life outcomes.


  • Transforming local services through digital - to explore the wider potential of digital tools, technologies and approaches to support ‘transformation’, which is the fundamental redesign of local services so that they deliver better outcomes, in a more targeted and timely fashion, at less cost.
  • LGA digital programmes and resources - A hub that provides local government with best practice in the sector to support officers and councillors working on improving services through digital transformation and innovation.

Case studies