Using best practice to design services around residents' needs

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On this page, guidance and resources support work to ensure council’s services are designed around the needs of residents and users, and prioritise them over professional, organisational and technological silos.

Resources and support

  • Digital Inclusion Programme - supports 10 councils to work with specific cohorts of residents to support those who haven’t had the skills, confidence or infrastructure to go online so they can benefit from the potential for digital tools and solutions to contribute to improving life outcomes.
  • Digital Pathfinders Programme - a programme designed to support councils seeking to innovate and develop pioneering initiatives to advance digital inclusion, digital connectivity, and cyber security.
  • Video conferencing & Messaging Guide - Norfolk County Council have released a guide (pdf), which may be of help to councils as they adapt to new ways of working remotely.


  • Transforming local services through digital - to explore the wider potential of digital tools, technologies and approaches to support ‘transformation’, which is the fundamental redesign of local services so that they deliver better outcomes, in a more targeted and timely fashion, at less cost.

Case studies