Economic growth and recovery improvement programme

Promoting, supporting and enhancing the role of local authorities in delivering economic growth and resilience is a key priority for the LGA and forms part of our sector support work with DLUHC.

Re-thinking local: economic recovery

If you'd like to discuss or find out more information about any of the economic growth improvement offers, please contact [email protected].

Engaging with business

Building back better places 

Supporting local economic growth

Skills and employment

Economic Growth Advisers

The LGA's Economic Growth Advisers (EGA) Programme provides assistance to councils to support their local economies to recover from COVID-19 pandemic. This forms part of our wider support to councils to develop economic resilience in their local areas.

Economic Growth - case studies

We have a selection of case studies which highlight how councils have been innovative in helping their local economies grow and welcome any council who wishes to submit one.

Read and submit case studies