Other area-based resources

Tools and resources from across the sector to support a greater understanding of care and health information

Local area data profiles from the Care Quality Commission 
These profiles give a picture of the health and social care system in each local authority area. They bring together data to give an indication of how different services work together. They use national data to build a set of cross-sector indicators. The profiles show how well the system in each local authority area performs against them.

Long-stays dashboard 
This dashboard from NHS Improvement supports local areas to review and improve patient flow in acute hospitals and effectively manage bed capacity. You will need an account to access the dashboard – local authorities can request access.

Neighbourhoods’ tool 
A free tool to interrogate area data across a number of activities. A valuable way to use this might be to map the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in and around your area. Or, used alongside council level data and reports available on LG Inform, it can increase understanding of the health and wellbeing landscape within a chosen CCG. Subscribers to LG Inform Plus can map and view data at small area level (such as life expectancy at ward level) within any CCG.

PHE data and analysis tools
PHE provides a single point of access to a comprehensive range of data and analysis tools from across Public Health England (previously known as the data and knowledge gateway).

NHS Digital
Provides publications, data collections and tools to support public health specialists and a range of resources on adult social care for planning, delivering and monitoring of services.

Cancer Research UK
Cancer statistics UK provides data across cancer types at the local level including incidence and mortality rates.

The Environment and Health Atlas
The Environment and Health Atlas provides interactive maps of geographical variations for a range of health conditions and environmental agents at small-area level in England and Wales.