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Making open data work for you: case studies

The LGA promotes an open and transparent local government to meet local needs and demands. It encourages a sector-led approach to open data and fosters the learning and sharing through the "Making open data work for you" initiative.

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Many local authorities increasingly release open data in meaningful and innovative ways and engage with local groups to make better use of it. This page shares some examples of open data use in local authorities. If you do not find what you are looking for, please get in contact

Case studies

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Local open data projects

Local government received £2.64 million in grant funding through the open data breakthrough programme and incentive scheme between 2013 and 2015 to support authorities in releasing and making use of open data. Evaluation reports of some of the projects have been published below which provide examples of open data use and publishing practice. See more here

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Lead organisation Project Description Year Report
Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils Releasing Data for All A collaborative programme involving several authorities within Suffolk to make various datasets held throughout the county accessible to all. 2014/15 Evaluation report
Cambridgeshire County Council Cambridgeshire Insight Open Data: Stimulating Economic Growth and Encouraging Innovation. Building on the Cambridgeshire Insight project by developing a new, open methodology that will unlock unpublished datasets to enable local companies, community groups and individuals to plan and then respond to the challenges created by rapid growth. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Carlisle City Council Open Business Rates Data Provision of open access to real time information about Business Rates held by Carlisle City Council 2014/15 Evaluation report
Cheshire East Council URIs for natural neighbourhoods A public interface for defining geographical areas at neighbourhood level, other than formally supported administrative or census output areas. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Cheshire East Council Open flexible geographies Provision of a tool to publish non-official geographical areas individually and in hierarchies as open data with Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) associated with their shapes and other properties. 2014/15 Evaluation report
City of York Council York Open Data – Empowering communities to access services A service directory and search tool made available for free under the Open Government License will allow communities and community groups to reuse and combine the data in different ways without a high level of technical knowledge. 2013/14 Evaluation report
City of York Council Automated Structure of the Managing and Publishing of Open Data To provide an infrastructure within the existing Public Services Network that will enable City of York Council to automate the collection, data quality checks, and data formatting to facilitate release of open data. 2014/15 Evaluation report
Derby City Council Enabling Local Authority Assets Information Provision of comprehensive, high quality, up-to-date information on local authority owned land and property assets 2014/15 Evaluation report
Devon County Council Local Government Community Data – opportunities for localities and businesses Working with communities, businesses and IT experts find what data are most required and how best to make them useful to communities and business. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Hampshire County Council Linked Open Data Planning Register Development of planning portal, including schema and open source tool to enable collating, publishing and visualising of linkable planning data. 2013-15 Evaluation report
Kent County Council Powers and Duties: Local government legal and business guidance as open data Publish legal powers and duties as open data under which each English local government service is delivered. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Lancashire County Council Lancashire Local Information Service (LIS) Project. To publish reportable, statistical and other information from the authority and partners through a local information system. Release initially of datasets which are of relevance to communities and business. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Leeds City Council Development of the West Yorkshire Observatory Continued provision and development of the West Yorkshire Observatory to publish spatial data for five local authorities to a wide range of users. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Leeds City Council The Data Mill To release Open Data and make improvements to the Data Mill to derive the most value out of the data use within Leeds. Xpand dashboard and create widget hub 2014/15 Evaluation report
Leicester City Council The automation of the publishing of Open Data and internal MI data in a standard, machine readable, linked format To provide an infrastructure to enable Leicester to automate the production and provision of open data. The project builds on existing technology and partnership which was established for sharing data. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Local Government Association Local Government Open Data Incentive Scheme The local government open data incentive scheme was established as a pilot to publish local government data to consistent open format to create a national view of the data. 2014/15 Evaluation report
London Borough of Barnet Barnet Data Store Design of open source data portal around users and according to open data strategic priorities; deployment of data platform for publishing Barnet's open data sets and technical training. 2014/15 Evaluation report
London Borough of Harrow ProClass Spend Classification Standard To publish and support the Proclass procurement classification system as part of the local government standards on LGInform+ 2014/15 Evaluation report
London Borough of Harrow Hot Harrow An investigation using GIS technology into the thermal properties in the London Borough of Harrow. Outputs thermal and height imagery as well as building footprints. Data to be openly reusable. To aid service delivery, environmental projects, open data and detection of unsafe dwellings. 2013-15 Evaluation report
London Borough of Hounslow Customer Data Gateway The development of a cloud-based open data portal to support the expansion of the London Borough of Hounslow's open data work and role as regional leaders in the field of open data. 2013-15 Evaluation report
London Borough of Lambeth Cooperative Council Community Data Project A freely shared open source platform that will embed data and tools "where the conversations are taking place" on more citizen facing sites giving the local community and third party organisations better access to information and enable them to work with the council on designing and delivering improved services across the borough. 2013/14 Evaluation report
London Councils Intelligent London: Skills Match Skills Match will bring skills data and labour market data together and analyse it to enable policy-makers, practitioners and employers to take an intelligence-led, geographically specific approach to addressing youth unemployment in London. 2013-15 Evaluation report
Norfolk County Council Norfolk – Linked procurement data Redesigning how Norfolk publishes procurement data to create new insights. 2014/15 Evaluation report
North Somerset Council Customer information portal and dashboards To implement a suite of tools that use existing 'best of breed' Open Data applications and standard driven information management tools using Datashare as the core. 2013/14 Evaluation report
North Somerset Council Providing open access to multi-media historic and tourism data Creation of schemas that will enable the 'open' publication of data which can be applied to the release of both local history and tourism. Publication of comprehensive information about tourist information /landmarks to assist in developing local tourism. 2014/15 Evaluation report
Peterborough City Council Index of open data sets to aid comparison across councils. To create index schemas and tool for metadata inventory and core datasets to enable comparisons and combination of indexed datasets from different councils and enable a direct link to 2013/14 Evaluation report
Redbridge Council DataShare The project seeks funding to distribute the data publishing software Datashare to approximately 100 authorities and extend its functionality. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Salford City Council A Local Plan for Local Data To develop a local open data portal based on CKAN open source technology which compliments national and regional data portals 2014/15 Evaluation report
Sedgemoor District Council Community Impact Mitigation of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station The project will extract that evidence from documents, and publish it as 5* linked data, linked to mitigation projects, encouraging 3rd party presentation and analysis 2014/15 Evaluation report
Sheffield City Council Sheffield Open Air Quality Network Data Air Quality+ published open data related to the topic of air quality in Sheffield, and delivered a programme of co-design activities to engage people with the data and use it to better understand and tackle the issue of air quality. 2014/15 Evaluation report
Sunderland City Council Sunderland Software City Data Brokerage (SoftDB) Development of an open data web feature service for publishing and linking transport, utility and weather data. Part of the innovation challenge programme to create open data for use by SMEs. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Surrey Heath Borough Council Countywide Planning Open Data A PanSurrey data feed of live planning information, harvested from every district council. Part of the Surrey Digital Services (SDS) programme. The aggregator tool and API will feed planning applications using open source code published on GitHub. 2013/14 Evaluation report
Tameside Council Local Sites for Local People The Local Sites for Local People project facilitated the collation and release of polygon (map) data and metadata in relation to designated Local Wildlife Sites including land ownership details in Greater Manchester (GM). 2014/15 Evaluation report