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Planning Advisory Service (PAS) – 2022/23 highlights

Our Planning Advisory Service (PAS) delivers a set of programmes funded by DLUHC, Defra and Natural England. Together they are designed to help local planning authorities to improve and update planning services in the light of new Government guidance and the Environment Act.


Our Planning Advisory Service (PAS) supports councils to build skills and capacity to deliver cost-effective planning services to meet the needs of their places and communities.





During 2022/23, our Planning Advisory Service (PAS):

  • delivered 53 sessions with over 5,600 delegates attending in total (double our previous record)
  • rolled out new projects covering the environment and infrastructure that  widened our appeal so that we have now engaged 100 per cent of county councils and 98.8 per cent of local planning authorities
  • strengthened the convening power of our networks
  • increased the number of subscribers to the monthly e-bulletin to more than 5,000 subscribers
  • grown our new practitioner networks for biodiversity and nationally significant infrastructure substantially.