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Procurement and commissioning support – 2022/23 highlights

Our Procurement and Commissioning programme supported councils in preparing for the new Transforming Public Procurement regime, while supporting councils to address key procurement challenges and market issues.


Our Procurement and Commissioning programme also encouraged councils to benchmark in line with the Government’s National Procurement Policy Statement, enabling local government procurement to demonstrate how they achieve best value for their communities.





During 2022/23, programme highlights and achievements included:

  • our procurement and commissioning networks, made up of more than 6,000 officers, provided councils with vital updates on key challenges, policy developments and notable practice and ensured councils were equipped to address procurement challenges
  • more than 60 per cent of councils responded to our National Procurement Strategy diagnostic exercise – benchmarking their procurement capability
  • we relaunched our Energy Category Strategy at an event with 200 people attending, and the Energy Category Strategy was accessed over 1,100 times in just three months.