LGA Climate Change Programme – regional retrofit action plan training

Bringing together officers of all levels to support them with developing the tools, skills, opportunities and capabilities required to help grow the retrofit sector in their region.

Delivered through a collaboration between the LGA and Sustainability West Midlands, the Regional Retrofit Action Plan Training supports council officers to address retrofit challenges at the local and partnership level. The training seeks to support the development of council’s regional work by exploring how to effectively utilise and support key partners and stakeholders both nationally and regionally, focusing on three key themes: training providers, communities, and the private sector.

Each theme reviews current best practice happening across the country, the support currently available, what needs to be developed regionally to support the sector and how effective engagement with partners and stakeholders can play a key role in enabling this to happen. Technical briefings and follow up 1:1 sessions supports council officers to build internal and partnership capacity. The training also provides smaller group work aimed at supporting the development of regional retrofit action plans that recognise the skills, facilities, and employment pipelines required to help the sector to grow at pace.

To enable this to happen, the programme analyses theories on partnership building, compare different examples of best practice currently in use and evaluate the current partnerships that attendees have in place. This will enable the development of clear and achievable action plans, that maximise partnerships to support sector development. It has the overarching aim of supporting councils to ensure all key partners and stakeholders are working together to develop the skills, knowledge and capital needed to effectively support the growth of the retrofit sector, as and when opportunities become available. 

The programme is complete and the learning from the programme was shared at our Regional Retrofit Action Planning webinar on 6 December 2022. Read our blog about this event.

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Below you will find case studies and resources which will give you a flavour of the work that the LGA has covered so far in retrofit.