Evaluating tenders

A focus on tender evaluation is a key aspect of procurement and commissioning.

What is tender evaluation? 

The ability to systemically assess and evaluate supplier responses against council requirements, ensuring value for money is achieved.  

This includes the co-ordination and training of evaluators, management of clarifications and moderation of scoring leading to the recommendation contract award to the successful bidder.   


  • Knowledge of procurement and contract law. 
  • Knowledge of social value policy.  
  • Understanding of best practice evaluation models and criteria. 
  • Understanding of best practice public sector commissioning, sourcing, and procurement processes.   


Able to:  

  • Evaluate supplier qualification: Depending on the route to market, completing first stage evaluation of suppliers against the mandatory qualification criteria which will include evidence of insurances, previous experience etc. 
  • Deliver evaluation training and guidance: To evaluators involved in scoring elements of the tender response, including finance, IT, and other stakeholders.
  • Engage with evaluators: Ensuring the process, methodology and regulations are fully understood, providing advice and guidance throughout the evaluation process.
  • Identify conflicts of interest: Ensuring all evaluators complete conflict of interest forms and mitigate any risks. This could include the removal of an evaluator from the process. 
  • Facilitate moderation: Enabling evaluation teams to come to a consensus on scoring for each bidder and finalise evaluation feedback. 
  • Co-ordinate and document: the response to clarifications and scoring of tender responses, ensuring there is an audit trail, and all recommendations and awards are fully documented. 
  • Apply legal and procurement regulations knowledge: To respond to any challenges within the standstill period. 
  • Manage risk: Understanding, analysing, and managing risks associated with evaluation processes effectively and within the council’s risk appetite. 


Behaviours associated with requirement definition require team members to be: 

  • Collaborative  
  • Analytical  
  • Solution focused.  
  • Decisive   
  • Inclusive  
  • Resilient  
  • Adaptable and pragmatic  

Procurement and commissioning – maturity index 

A related procurement and commissioning maturity index has been created to enable councils to understand their current maturity and to set, and work towards, a target state. This can be downloaded below.