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NJC/3/22: Additional bank holiday – 8 May 2023

Employers’ Secretary, Naomi Cooke

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Employees’ Secretary, Matt Wrack

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National Joint Council for local authority fire and rescue services 

To: Chairs of Fire Authorities 

Chief Fire Officers

Chief Executives/Clerks to Fire Authorities

Directors of HR (Fire Authorities)

Members of the National Joint Council

23 December 2022

Circular NJC/3/22

Additional bank holiday – 8 May 2023

  1. The government has announced an additional bank holiday across the UK to mark the Coronation of King Charles. The bank holiday will fall on Monday 8 May 2023, following the Coronation on Saturday 6 May.

    2. Under the terms of the National Joint Council’s (NJC) Scheme of Conditions of Service (Grey Book) there is no automatic entitlement to such a bank holiday on this day.

    3. The NJC has agreed that the bank holiday will be treated in the same way as other such holidays in the Grey Book for leave and pay purposes.

Yours faithfully

Naomi Cooke

Matt Wrack

Joint Secretaries