Local government services

The pay and terms of conditions of employment for over 1.4 million local government services' workers is determined by the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services.

The NJC for Local Government Services has 70 members: 12 on the employers' side and 58 on the trade union side.

In 1997, the NJC for Local Government Services agreed a national framework with potential for local modification to suit local service requirements. Known as The Single Status Agreement, these pay and conditions of service agreements are published in the Green Book.

We help councils develop a framework for their roles and responsibilities as employers. This covers the relationships between council employers and their employees, including individual rights and collective arrangements.

23 January 2020

The National Employers have issued an update on the 2020 pay round

15 November 2019

The NJC has issued a circular about the bank holiday in early May 2020

5 November 2019 

The Employers have informed the unions that there will be a delay in replying to their pay claim

24 July 2019

The Trade Unions have submitted their pay claim for 2020. Councils will be consulted via regional pay briefings during September and October. Please contact your local regional employer organisation for details of the event in your area.

13 March 2019

National Agreement ‘Green Book’

The ‘Green Book' has been updated and we have issued two versions below; one showing all track changes, the other not.

1 March 2019

The attached circular updates organisations on the NJC's ongoing review of both the paper and computerised (Gauge™) versions of the NJC JE Scheme. The full suite of JE guidance can be found via the link at the foot of this page.

19 February 2019

14 June 2018

The NJC has produced technical advice on issues related to assimilating employees to the new pay spine next April. 

1 April 2018

Agreement has now been reached between the National Employers and the NJC Trade Union Side on rates of pay applicable from 1 April 2018 and 1 April 2019. The circular below sets out the details.

6 October 2017
Christmas working arrangements
Please note that the NJC only issues advice on working arrangements in years when Christmas falls over a weekend. This will not happen again until 2020.

29 November 2016
This circular sets out the Terms of Reference for the joint review of term time working.

28 November 2016
The LGA has commissioned a report from Incomes Data Research (IDR) on the potential impact of the National Living Wage.