Local government workforce

We work with councils and their partners to help create a workforce able to respond to major changes within the public sector.

The local government workforce is changing. The number of staff directly employed by councils is likely to decline. There will be more joint working and the skills required will change. Councils will need to manage and motivate their workforce to increase productivity and transform local public services.

We represent local authorities in negotiations with trade unions and the government over pay and conditions. We also advise local authorities and related employers on national negotiating machinery.

We provide advice and guidance on workforce issues and employment law, and help councils develop a framework for their roles and responsibilities as employers.

And from strategy through to action and evaluation, our consultancy service delivers advice and support to help local authorities solve their HR problems.

November 2019

Solace and LGA recruitment guide

Solace, in partnership with the LGA, has launched a practical guide to the senior recruitment process aimed at both candidates and the elected members and officers involved in the hiring process.

Workforce Focus

Workforce Focus was written in consultation with local government. Its aim is to help senior HR professionals and their teams to understand and respond to major demographic and social changes to develop local action plans. (publication date 30 April 2019).

Modernising Pay and Rewards

The LGA has co-commissioned the New Local Government Network to develop Outside the Box, a thought-provoking report on the future of the employment 'deal' in local government, including the results of a survey and case studies.

The LGA also worked with Mercer Consulting and the PPMA to produce a toolkit which looks at the key issues of redesigning jobs to increase efficiency and linking pay to performance. The toolkit is a companion to the LGA's own research report on pay progression in local government.

Other useful information on a strategic approach to pay and rewards is available as well as a detailed review of the pros and cons of different pay systems and structures.

Planning for reward modernisation needs member support and we have also produced a guide to pay and rewards for members to help with this, for website members only.

The toolkit stresses the importance of making efficient and proper use of job evaluation systems. Working with the unions, the LGA has recently revised the advice and guidance available on the NJC job evaluation scheme. Many of the refreshed technical guidance notes are generally applicable for other schemes as well.

The full range of updated job evaluation documentation