EMP circular 1/2024 - Police staff pay 2024

Police Staff Council (PSC)
Employers' Side

Local Government Association
18 Smith Square
e-mail: [email protected]

To: Force personnel/HR manager/Payroll manager
Cc: Police and crime commissioners/PSC Employers’ Side

29 April 2024


Dear colleague

The Employers’ Side has been notified by the Trade Union Side of their pay and conditions claim for 2024 which is as follows:

  • One-year claim
  • An increase of 10 per cent on all pay points
  • An increase of 10 per cent on standby allowance and overnight away from home allowance
  • A guarantee that no pay points will fall below the Joseph Rowntree real living wage during the 2024/25 pay year
  • A variable increase in the value of pay points 9 – 23 to make each incremental step worth £650 creating more equal steps up the lower pay points of the PSC pay spine; this adjustment to be applied prior, and in addition, to the 10 per cent increase.

The Trade Union Side will shortly submit a full written claim. Thereafter, the constituent parts of the Employers’ Side (National Police Chiefs Council, Association of Police and Crime Commissioners and the Home Office) will consult on the claim. We intend to respond to the Trade Union Side with a view to reaching an agreement in time for the settlement date of 1 September 2024.

We will update you further on developments.

Yours sincerely

David Algie
Employers’ Side Secretariat