LGA response to Major Road Network proposal - 19 March 2018

The LGA has called for a fairer balance in the way Government treats and funds the Strategic Roads Network (SRN), which makes up less than 3 per cent of the country’s road network, compared to the local roads network, which makes the remaining 97 per cent.

The creation of the Major Roads Network is a step in the right direction. However, we have some concerns on the details of the proposals which we would like to work with Government to address.

We welcome:

  • The new money being made available from the national roads fund.
  • The recognition that longer term funding certainty will benefit local authority roads.
  • The movement away from annual competitions as a means of funding major improvements.
  • The involvement of sub national transport bodies in directing large scale investment in local road networks.

However we believe that there are some instances where the core principles and the details of the proposals appear to be in conflict. We have detailed instances below:

  • A presumption against money being spent on local transport is the wrong approach.
  • The development of this network should be aligned with the Road Investment Strategy and highway authorities, central government and Highways England should be joint partners in the whole network.
  • Within a broad national framework, the network should be allowed to look different across the country to reflect local and regional circumstances and priorities.

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LGA response to Major Road Network proposal - 19 March 2018