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On behalf of its members, the cross-party LGA regularly briefs parliamentarians of all political affiliations on issues of concern and relevance to local government ahead of debates in Parliament. The most recent of these can be found here, as can the LGA's written responses to parliamentary inquiries, such as those held by Select Committees.

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Government’s plans to support victims of domestic violence and abuse, House of Lords - 6 June 2019

The draft Domestic Abuse Bill, published in January 2019, has the potential to make important changes to help improve the lives of victims. Our ultimate aim should be preventing this abuse from occurring in the first place.

National Audit Office, Local Audit in England Code of Audit Practice Consultation response

We welcome the opportunity to comment on this consultation on the Code of Audit Practice, following on from the last review in 2014 and operation since.

Response to the Grenfell Tower Fire, House of Commons, 6 June 2019

Progress continues to be made in carrying out remediation to the 45 council-owned and 100 plus housing association-owned blocks with combinations of aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding and insulation that have been found not to meet the building regulation standards.

LGA Briefing on Education Funding, House of Commons, 4 June 2019

Local government leaders support the national funding formula but are clear that setting 22,000 school budgets on a ‘one size fits all’ national formula decided remotely in Whitehall will not work.

LGA response to the Government’s consultation on taking a multi-agency approach to tackling and preventing serious violent crime - 28 May 2019

Tackling serious violent crime is a key priority for councils. This has become even more vital due to the rising levels of this type of crime and the harm it causes to victims and communities, as well as the young people and vulnerable adults drawn and exploited into committing it.

Debate on increasing the social value of public procurement - House of Lords, 23 May 2019

Effective procurement has never been more important for local government.

Rivers Authorities and Land Drainage Bill 2017-19, May 2019

Lead Local Flood Authorities have a statutory role in local flood risk management. They should therefore be responsible for deciding how any additional local funds are spent in line with their local flood risk management strategies. Any new burdens arising from this work would need to be fully funded.

Intimidation in public life, House of Commons, 21 May 2019

Harassment, threats and intimidation of local elected representatives are completely unacceptable, and must be dealt with robustly at all levels. This includes the Government, by councils, private sector; by the police and, where relevant, by the social media companies which provide platforms for specific forms of abuse.

Mental health of children and young adults in the UK - House of Lords, 16 May 2019

Good mental health is essential for a healthy and prosperous society. Unfortunately, it is easier to focus on what happens when a person becomes mentally ill, and how the health service intervenes, rather than how to keep our communities mentally well in the first place.

Non-Domestic Rating (Preparation for Digital Services) Bill 2017-19, Second Reading, House of Commons, 13 May 2019

Whilst we support the Bill, we would like clarification from the Government that billing authorities will continue to have sole responsibility for the collection of business rates.


'Why should you accept someone constantly disturbing your peace online when you wouldn't accept it offline?'…

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