The PAS subscription service

The way PAS works is changing. Some of the things we used to provide for free, we now charge for. We will provide new services outside our traditional scope, with new courses on what it means to be a modern planner and an excellent planning committee. 

Our discounted subscription offer is now closed, but we'd love you to join up at a pro rata rate. For a cost of £900 you can receive tickets, support or consultancy worth £1000. In addition to this saving, you will only need to make one case for the expenditure. 

Download this document to find out more details about the PAS subscription offer: 

For more information on a PAS subscription

You can contact Steve Barker if you have any questions/suggestions.

We still operate within the Local Government Association and its ethos. The government provides a grant to allow us to offer services without charge for some councils. We will also hold free events to help the government publicise their changes to the planning system.

You can find out about how to buy goods and services from PAS here