The Digital Transformation Programme: A Final Evaluation

This report summarises the findings of the LGA’s Digital Transformation Programme. The Digital Transformation programme was established in March 2016 when, following a comprehensive bidding and assessment process, the Local Government Association (LGA) agreed to fund 20 projects involving 35 councils and their partners. 

The objective of the funding was to enable the participants to develop and implement leading-edge digital tools and approaches to support their existing work on major (often national) programmes of local service transformation – for instance, their work on Troubled Families, health and social care integration, or public health. 

The programme would help to develop and spread digital innovation more widely within the local government community:

  • by demonstrating how councils and their partners, by exploiting the potential of modern digital tools and technologies, can target and deliver radically improved services to people, operate more effectively (e.g. by providing frontline staff with better access to comprehensive information about their clients) and generate efficiency savings
  • by offering practical pointers on how best to replicate success and how to negotiate the pitfalls of comprehensive organisational change, including how different organisations can collaborate more effectively 
  • by generating technical and organisational assets that can be widely shared and implemented across local government – a key criterion for successful bids.