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Establishing modern slavery risk assessment and due diligence in adult social care – a commissioning officer’s guide

This guide is aimed at commissioning officers and managers within local authority adult social care teams. It provides advice on to how to set up effective local systems to identify and manage the risks of modern slavery in adult social care.

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As you will see, you will need to establish effective ways of communicating your plans both to other internal stakeholders, including both those more senior and more junior to you within your local authority, and to appropriate representatives from external organisations including any providers that you have who deliver or supervise care on your behalf.

This guide is the result of a ten-month project funded by a grant from Capabilities in Academic Policy Engagement conducted between December 2022 and September 2023 and facilitated by Dr Caroline Emberson of Nottingham University Business School and the Rights Lab. The Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham is the world’s leading and largest group of modern slavery researchers.


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University of Nottingham Rights Lab and LGA
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