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Local Government Data Maturity Model

This is the updated version of our Local Government Data Maturity Model. The model sets out a description of the behaviours and practices in relation to data that we would expect to see in local authorities at each level of data maturity.

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This model is primarily aimed at those in local authorities who have responsibilities for data, and their senior leaders, to help plan and design organisational approaches to improving their use of data.

The model was refreshed in 2023 to take account of recent updates in the data landscape and feedback from councils and is now more comprehensive and tailored to the local government sector.

This model underpins our Local Government Data Maturity Assessment Tool which is freely available online within LG Inform Plus. This tool can be used by local authorities to assess themselves against the data maturity model's content and develop a high-level view of their current organisational data maturity.

We would like to thank Ed Parkes from Emerging Field and our technical partners Porism for their invaluable work on this. We would also like to thank all the expert organisations and local authorities who input into the development of this model.