Strategic collaborative planning and commissioning – a guide

This guide aims to provide an overview of four key enablers that support health and social care systems to collaboratively plan and commission effective support, at a strategic level.

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The four key enablers are interdependent on each other, and all four will need to be achieved in order to put the best foot forward for strategic, collaborative planning and commissioning. Each key enabler is supported by high level, practical advice in the form of ‘principles’ and top tips.

The LGA and BCF programme team would like to offer their thanks to the Institute of Public Care, for their work leading the development of this guide. Thanks to colleagues who attended the two national stakeholder roundtables in 2022 for their input to shape the themes set out in this guide, and also to colleagues in Greater Manchester, Somerset, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire, and Hampshire, who kindly offered their time and shared their experience for the good practice examples.