Role description: Fire Commission members

The Local Government Association (LGA) is a politically led cross-party organisation, representing local authorities across England and Wales. Its membership includes English councils, fire and rescue authorities, the 22 Welsh councils in corporate membership through the Welsh LGA, National Parks Authorities and Parish/Town Councils via corporate membership with NALC.

2020/21 Meeting Year

The LGA has four Group Offices – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent with the latter providing support to independent members and smaller political groups. The LGA seeks wherever possible to work on the basis of consensus across all four groups.

The Fire Commission provides a forum for member authorities to come together to discuss matters of common interest and concern, to exchange good practice and to influence the priorities and activities of the LGA. The Fire Commission is led by the Chair of the Fire Services Management Committee, with the Deputy and Vice Chairs providing cross-party oversight of its work.

The Fire Commission is open to all fire authorities in membership of the LGA. Ordinary members of the Fire Commission are not remunerated. Members of the Fire Services Management Committee are remunerated.

Chair of the Commission


To chair meetings of the Commission, and to secure the views and active involvement of the wider membership to inform the LGA’s fire and rescue service priorities and policy lines.

Chair’s allowance: £11,667 per annum

This allowance covers the role of Fire Commission Chair and Chair of the Fire Services Management Committee. The Chair is required to complete a Register of Interest form and to update it annually, or when his/her circumstances change.

Expected time commitment: 7 – 10.5 hours per week

Travel and expenses

This role will require attendances at meetings in London and in other parts of the country. Reasonable travel and subsistence costs incurred by the Chair of the Commission in the discharge of their duties will be paid by the LGA.

Commission Members


  • To attend and actively participate in Fire Commission meetings and other related activities. 
  • To read and understand all agenda papers in advance of the meeting, and to keep abreast of all developments locally and nationally in relation to the areas covered by the Fire Commission. 
  • To report back to home authority and appropriate local/regional groupings and act as an advocate for the LGA and its work. 
  • To attend conferences and other events initiated by the Commission.

Travel and expenses

This role will require attendances at meetings in London and in other parts of the country. Travel and subsistence costs incurred in attending Commission meetings should be met by the member’s home authority.