EU exit: Community engagement

Guidance for local authorities on the ways in which they can understand, engage and reassure their communities in following departure from the EU.

The government is committed to creating socially stronger, more confident and integrated communities by creating places that are better, safer and stronger, where people get along, can make the most of the opportunities available to them and play a full part in our society.

To achieve this, government at every level must strengthen their work to enable people to recognise and value the things that bind places and people together, promote opportunity and celebrate the neighbourhoods we live and work in. A key part of this is to ensure community voices are heard and valued, so people have – and feel they have – a say over the decisions that matter most to them in their local area.

Over the coming months, the government will continue its work to ensure that the UK remains a country where people live, work, learn and socialise together and share rights and responsibilities, whatever their background.

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Community engagement and EU Exit: guidance for local authorities