LGA Skills Taskforce

The LGA Skills Taskforce brings together members and industry experts with an interest in our skills and employment system to explore how we can combine local and national efforts.

The below relates to a previous version of Work Local. To see the refreshed 2022 version, use the following link: Work Local

In July 2017, the LGA launched Work Local – an ambitious but practical vision for devolved and integrated employment and skills provision. This we believe is needed more than ever to offer more place based solutions to identify and address both our current and future skills and employment challenges and opportunities.

While our vision is big, there are many things local and national partners can do now to make the best of provision, by collaborating more effectively.That’s why we have established the LGA Skills Taskforce, comprising elected members from across LGA policy boards.

Through three roundtables, the Skills Taskforce will bring together industry experts and sector representatives with an interest in making our skills and employment system as effective as possible, to explore how we can combine efforts nationally and locally.

A final short report will draw together the findings in the summer of 2019.

LGA Skills Taskforce roundtables

Roundtable 1: Local coordination of a fragmented employment and skills system (7 December 2018)

Agenda  Summary


Roundtable 2: Careers and retraining for a changing local economy (7 February 2019)

Agenda  Summary

Roundtable 3: The future of work: how changing skills needs of sector-specific industries will play out in the local economy? (March 2019)

Agenda  Summary