Terms of reference of the LGA Fire Diversity and Inclusion Champion Network (the “Network”)

Vision for the service

To create a fully inclusive and diverse fire and rescue service where the workforce reflects the community it serves, where as an organisation diversity is recognised, supported and celebrated, and where staff are comfortable to be authentically themselves in the workplace.

Objectives and delivery

The objective of the Network will be to support elected members with responsibility for diversity and inclusion in their fire and rescue services. Members will be supported to champion diversity and inclusion in their authorities to create positive impacts on this agenda in services and local communities.

The delivery of this objective will be done by creating a forum for members to gather and share best practice, engage with the work of others in the sector on this agenda, and develop skills to support and challenge their local services.

Ways of working

The Network will meet at least three times a year and will work in the following ways:

  • Members of the Network are encouraged to suggest items for the agenda and to suggest expert speakers and key fire stakeholders for the Network, including HMICFRS, NFCC and Unions as necessary;
  • Non-members may be invited to join the Group permanently or temporarily to aid discussions of particular topics;
  • Decisions will be made by consensus, but if that is not possible the Chair will make the final decision; and
  • Members are expected to attend, and apologies should be given in advance where possible.

The Network will also be supported by a webpage on the LGA website and digital communications in between meetings, through which good practice will be regularly shared. Members may establish informal local networks with others to support them between meetings.


The Network membership will consist of fire and rescue authority representatives with responsibility for inclusion and diversity who have opted to be a part of the Network.

Appointments may differ depending on the governance structure. Fire and rescue authorities including Combined, Metropolitan, Unitary and County should where possible appoint their Diversity and/or Inclusion Champion, Chair or Portfolio holder to the Network. In areas where the fire authority is a single individual, like in Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner or one of the Mayoral models, it is admissible to delegate membership of the Network to an officer.

Chairing of the meeting

The Network will be chaired by the LGA Fire Services Management Committee (FSMC) Diversity Champion. The Chair will ensure that the proper running of meetings in a timely, fair, transparent and inclusive manner and will have the final say on the finalisation of minutes.


The Chair will be expected to report regularly to the FSMC on the work of the Network either verbally or through reports to FSMC and Fire Commission.


The secretariat for the Network will be provided by the Local Government Association.

Members conduct

Members of the Network will:

  • Treat all other members with respect;
  • Act in a courteous and ethical manner at all times; and
  • Not disclose any matter that the Network is satisfied should remain confidential.


  • The Group will review the relevance and value of the terms of reference and its work on a regular basis.