Webinar briefing for 2020 Green Book pay round

Alongside NEOST response to STRB 2020 remit (20 November 2019) Full audio webinar and powerpoint slides can be accessed here.


For the benefit of the listener – the following points may be of assistance:

  • Subject broadcast starts 28 seconds in with Harry Honnor on green book pay
  • There is a background echo until approx. 1.40 seconds
  • Recording quality is intermittent between 10 – 12 minutes (showing the negotiating deferred slide)
  • Harry Honnor’s update concluded at 15 minutes
  • There is a short silence on the recording until 15 minutes 35 seconds where Selena Lansley’s presentation on schoolteachers’ pay begins
  • There are a few minor recording interruptions between 25.30 and the conclusion of Selena’s presentation which ends at 28.50.
  • No questions were asked during the presentation.
  • Thank you for attending the webinar. The accompanying slides can be found here.

Workforce Webinar 20 November PowerPoint slides.