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£10 billion Spending Review investment needed to protect and improve local services

The LGA has used its submission to set out the need for the Chancellor to use the CSR to provide an additional £10.1 billion per year in core funding to councils in England by 2023/24.

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£1 billion loss to local economies if COVID-19 grant schemes closed

“Shutting the discretionary scheme would be a mistake by the Government at this time. Councils need more time and flexibility to ensure as many businesses can benefit from this funding."


Statement on local government funding figures

Local government in England faces an overall funding gap of almost £8 billion by 2025.  As these figures show, councils are increasingly having to divert money from other services to meet an unprecedented surge in demand for children’s and adult social care.


Spending Review launched – LGA statement

Securing the long-term sustainability of local services must be the top priority."


Response to the Local Government Finance Settlement

We must not forget that it is individuals and communities who feel the impact, whether it is through seeing their local library or leisure centre close, roads deteriorate or support for young people, families and vulnerable adults scaled back.


Response to the final Local Government Finance Settlement

If we truly value our local services then we have to be prepared to pay for them. Fully funding councils is the only way they will be able to keep providing the services which make a difference to people’s lives, such as caring for older and disabled people, protecting children, building homes, fixing roads and collecting bins. 

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Queen's Speech: LGA responds to business rates announcements

“The newly announced retail discounts will provide support for high street businesses and pubs, but it is crucial that in line with normal government practice, councils are fully funded for this loss of extremely important income."

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Local leaders call for long term funding certainty for councils in Spending Review

“Investing in local places is in the national interest and one of the most powerful tools of the levelling up agenda. We call on the Government to ensure that the Spending Review provides both long term certainty and greater levels of funding for local councils.”


Local Government Mutual opens for business

The Local Government Mutual is open for business with LGA member councils invited to find out how it can potentially provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance services and save them money.

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LGA: Receive £150 energy rebate payment quicker by setting up council tax direct debit

Millions of people should look to set up a direct debit to pay their council tax bill from April so they can receive their £150 energy rebate payment as quickly as possible.