Haringey Council: supporting residents' housing needs

Ms Mohamoud is a resident living in the Haringey borough who was looking for support from Haringey Council to move her and her family into more suitable accommodation. Haringey Council moved quickly to ensure Ms Mohamoud and her family were moved into accommodation that suited her and her families needs. This is her story.

Ms Mohamoud's story

The new house has completely changed me and my family’s life and we all are grateful for the massive support Haringey has given us. The old house was very cramped especially as we have a big family, I have three girls and three boys, four of them are teenagers.

My youngest daughter who is 8 has Bohring-Opitz syndrome, this is a rare condition with severe development difficulties especially with speech and communication. The condition also impacts her walking, but she’s able to grab on to stuff to keep her balance and sit down with support. In addition to this, she doesn’t know how to stand on her own which was very difficult for us as we had to always pick her up when she’s going up and down the stairs and she barely had space for her equipment and toys.

I can finally say the new flat provided by Haringey Council has been adjusted to my youngest daughter’s needs, it’s located on the ground floor so she’s able to get to different rooms without support, she has her own spacious room were she can fit in all her special equipment and toys. Also, she has an accessible toilet in her room, which has been useful and easy for her to use and myself when giving her a shower.

The process at the start of this was very nerve racking and I almost refused the accommodation at the start because I thought it may not be suitable for my family, especially as I had concerns about the kitchen and the sitting room being in the same room. When I spoke to the project manager Denise about my concerns, she took everything I said on board and reassured me that the kitchen and sitting room will be separated with a wall (which she did ) and promised me that the house will be perfect for me and my family.

When I saw the finished look with all the changes being made that I was concerned about I couldn’t believe my eyes, it brought me to tears and most definitely left me gobsmacked. My family were also filled with excitement and joy, we finally realized at that point it was going to be our happy home, the children and I couldn’t wait to decorate their spacious rooms .

Denise was a massive help throughout this process and I’m glad I put my full trust in her as she ensured the accommodation was fit for my family’s needs and I’m grateful for her continuous support, dedication and commitment . Andrew, my housing manager also helped me through this process by guiding and advising me , I’m thankful for his patience and time. I would also like to acknowledge everyone else involved and give them my warmest thanks and gratitude , this wouldn’t be possible without these people that supported me.

The new house has completely changed me and my family’s life and we all are grateful for the massive support Haringey has given to us.