Hertfordshire country and district councils: Energy advice app

Hertfordshire Council partnered with Energy Saving Trust to provide an energy efficiency app, to help residents save money on their bills.

The initiative

Hertfordshire partnered with Energy Saving Trust to provide an energy efficiency app for their residents. The Hertfordshire Energy Advice Tool (HEAT) app is free to download and gives users a virtual tour around a typical home, asking questions about different habits and appliances along the way.

Based on the answers residents provide the app will offer quick and easy low or no-cost actions to help save money on energy bills and reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

Once the virtual tour around a home has finished, a tailored report can be provided via email to give a summary of the potential carbon and financial savings. The average saving from using the HEAT app is currently estimated to be £70 a year.

Cllr Graham McAndrew, who is the Chair of the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership, said: “The partnership brings all the local authorities in the county together, along with the Local Enterprise Partnership, so that we can work on shared projects in our fight against climate change. This new app will be putting tailored energy efficiency advice literally at people’s fingertips and is an excellent example of what can get done when we all pull together.”