Integrated care value case toolkit

The LGA has partnered with NHS England, The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), The Association of Directors of Children's Services (ADCS), Monitor, NHS Confederation and the Department of Health (DH) to deliver a programme of work carried out by Integrating Care.

The toolkit should enable Health and Wellbeing Boards and local partners to understand the evidence and impact of different integrated care models on service users, as well as the associated impact on activity and cost to different parts of the health and care system.

Value cases for integrated care

This will pull together the overall evidence for integrated care and flag key lessons that will apply to all areas and audiences within a locality.

Local value cases

How Torbay used the patient journey to break down organisational boundaries and focus on the service-user perspective.

How North West London progressed from local integrated care initiatives, to a radical whole-system of integrated care for 2 million residents.

How linking up 30 different voluntary organisations improved the connection between health and social care and the wider community.

How integrated teams supported patients leaving hospital and helped to reduce hospital readmissions.

Independent living – How health and social care commissioners harnessed technology and worked together with providers to help the elderly to remain independent

New specialist training supports stroke victims – How using multi-disciplinary teams dramatically improved health and wellbeing outcomes for stroke victims

‘Whole Systems' approach joins up care roles – How risk stratification helps health and social care professionals see beyond organisational boundaries

How local areas in Manchester came together to maintain and improve the quality of patient care.

International value cases

How 29 states in the US worked to pool budgets, approached governance and scaled-up a single model from local to national.

How financial incentives for preventative care improved the health and wellbeing of a population and attracted the best healthcare professionals.

Do you have a value case to share?

Please use this template if you have an innovative and Pioneering approach to integrated care in your area that you wish to share with other areas.

Modelling tool

This modelling tool helps map the impact of integrated care for local areas. This tool will help your area understand the resource implications for implementing integrated care locally. It is fully editable, and pre-populated with available data for your convenience and speed of use. 


Evidence for Integrated Care

This is a comprehensive review of all the evidence that the national partners are aware of around integrated care.

Online forums for ongoing Integrated Care Support

Integrated Care Knowledge Hub Page
Knowledge hub will continue to exist for current members for now but we would encourage people to use ICASE once it has been fully developed and tested with local areas.

About the development of the toolkit


Fiona Russell (Adviser)
Local Government Association
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Email: [email protected]