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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Huntingdonshire District Council: getting cancer and cardiac rehab patients active with self care

Huntingdonshire District Council has worked with its local academic health science network to encourage cancer and cardiac rehab patients to become active and involved in the self-management of their recovery. Patients are being taught how to use remote monitoring technology, while taking part in exercise classes. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Leeds City Council: using the House of Care model

Leeds City Council and the local NHS have adopted the House of Care model as a framework for developing self care. Health and care professionals have been given training and patients are being empowered with the skills and confidence to self-manage their own health. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Lincolnshire County Council: getting people engaged

The NHS and county council in Lincolnshire have worked with partners to use social media and the local press to get the message out there about the importance of self care. It has helped reach thousands of local people. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Manchester City Council: putting theory into practice

A self care strategy was published two years ago in Manchester. Since then the city council and its partners have started implementing changes that should see a revolution in self care. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Milton Keynes Council: promoting self care on a super local level

Milton Keynes takes part in the national Self Care Week. But as well as running events around the district, the council and CCG have also run a super local version on one of the most deprived estates in the area. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Somerset County Council: using social prescribing to promote self care

The council and local NHS have identified social prescribing as a key priority in terms of encouraging self care. They are working with the Richmond Group of Charities and local partners to spread social prescribing equitably and sustainably across the county. This forms part of our resource on self care.

Cheshire: engaging the whole community

In Cheshire, two CCGs and the council have worked together to engage the wider local community in self care by recruiting a network of champions and setting up a Self Care Award to entice employers to get involved. This case study forms part of our self care resource.

Fees and charges review: Highways, Transport and Environment

An LGA commercial expert was commissioned to carry out a review of potential opportunities for either introducing or increasing charges for discretionary service provision in Surrey County Council's Highways, Transport and Environment (HTE) directorate.

Efficiency and income generation

Winning the London Borough of Culture – Waltham Forest

When Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the opportunity for London boroughs to compete for £1.35m of funding and the prize to be named the very first London Borough of Culture, Waltham Forest had their sights set on success. Lorna Lee, Director of London Borough of Culture 2019, explains how extensive digital campaigning and community engagement won them the title and a gold public service communications award.

Communications support

Matching data to support troubled families: Camden

The London borough of Camden focused on bringing together information from a range of systems to support frontline workers provide a more effective service to families in need.