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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Blackpool’s integrated Children’s Oral Health Improvement System

Blackpool’s integrated Children’s Oral Health Improvement System   Case study synopsis (100 words):  

Blackpool’s integrated Children’s Oral Health Improvement System

Blackpool, has been developing an integrated approach to improving children’s oral health. This is linked to the focus on the work of the Blackpool Better Start and a recognition that a range of interventions focused on population and individual approaches is required to achieve better life chances for the children of Blackpool. 

Great Yarmouth – modernising the joint venture model

Great Yarmouth has sought to reinvigorate and modernise its long-standing joint venture with Norse.  The joint venture was established in 2003 and delivers all the council’s environmental / ‘clean and green’ services including waste collection, street cleansing and grounds maintenance. 

Efficiency and income generation

Pendle’s new commissioning and procurement strategy

Pendle Borough Council is a Lancashire District Council that has seen a 54 per cent reduction in its core revenue funding between the periods of 2010 to 2017.

Efficiency and income generation

Building networked services to support private tenants’ health

Read about how Hackney Council is using design skills to better support tenants living in private rented accommodation.

Design in the public sector

Accelerating housing delivery and creating a sustainable business model

Find out how South Kesteven District Council are using design skills to tackle the housing issue in their area – link to case study and videos.

Design in the public sector

Peterborough City Council discovers new income streams

The focus of the programme was to look at ways to generate income from two internally conceived and developed digital solutions. 

Efficiency and income generation

The Big Lunch in Bradford: inclusion through food

This Bradford Council project encouraged residents to share food and friendship with each other, giving the council, voluntary groups and individuals a different way to engage the wider community, and a framework for ongoing engagement in a way which promotes respect and understanding between and within communities.

Supporting the financial wellbeing of council employees in North Somerset

In May 2017, North Somerset Council added a new suite of financial wellbeing products to its employee benefits package. At no risk or cost to the council, they have already delivered an average saving of £1,029 for those who have taken advantage of them.

A more commercially aware council

Rugby Borough Council recognised that it needed to improve the commercial awareness and acumen of its key staff. The council was already delivering some services commercially but there needed to be a step change in the breadth and depth of our offer. By working with a commercial expert we wanted to help our managers and team leaders to understand how to think more commercially.

Efficiency and income generation