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Innovation in local government is about improving the lives of the people in our communities. Browse through our case studies to see the many innovative programmes councils are involved in.

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Leeds: improving men's health

Men tend to have poorer health than women. In Leeds the public health team has sought to tackle this by getting a better understanding of men’s needs.

London Borough of Southwark: a Health in All Policies approach

Key among this has been the adoption of a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach by the public health directorate, which aims to maximise how health and wellbeing interventions and outcomes are integrated across the council. 

Selby District Council – place branding for investment

Selby District Council needed to develop a compelling place brand to promote the benefits of the area to current and prospective businesses.

Communications support

Leicestershire County Council: a social model of public health

Leicestershire County Council has been moving towards a social model of public health and away from a more traditional lifestyle behaviour change model. This has led to the involvement of public health in a number of services with a strong emphasis on community capacity building as the basis of prevention.

Oldham Borough Council: working for a co-operative borough

Oldham has invested in capacity to implement a wide-range of in-depth health and wellbeing initiatives which operate across the council, with Oldham clinical commissioning group (CCG) and with other local partners.

Locality working in Nottingham – putting citizens at the heart

The city has 20 Neighbourhood Action Teams (NATs) (one in each ward) headed up by a dedicated Neighbourhood Development Officer working in partnership with key agencies. This approach has seen crime and antisocial behaviour fall, satisfaction increase and the city become the cleanest large city and achieve a Purple Flag for its night time economy.

Dorset County Council: using technology to deliver behaviour change at scale

A high priority for public health on transferring to local government in Dorset and even more so since the advent of STPs has been to make health improvement provision more consistent and equitable across the county and to join up support for different lifestyle risks. It was also a priority to draw on proven theories of behaviour change and to monitor outcomes. LiveWell Dorset is an integrated single service delivered by one contractor to support change across a range of risks and behaviours. 

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council: new ways of working with communities

Dudley is a predominantly urban borough in the West Midlands, with five main towns interspersed with smaller towns and urban villages. It has a population of around 313,000 people, and a mix of affluent and disadvantaged areas. Nearly a quarter of the population live in areas that are in the 20 per cent most deprived in England.

East Sussex County Council: community asset-based transformation programme

As part of the whole system health and care transformation programmes East Sussex Better Together and Connecting For You, East Sussex County Council has developed a system wide asset-based approach to prevention and early intervention with a view to making sustainable change at scale and pace.

Leeds City Council: a strong economy within a compassionate city

Leeds City Council and partners are working on a ‘breakthrough project’ on early intervention and reducing health inequalities through linking integrated healthy living services, community development, GP social prescribing, NHS Health Check, and a range of other community activity with clear referral pathways.