Karla Overington: What happened after winning apprentice of the year

Karla Overington was awarded 'Local Government Apprentice of the Year' in 2021. Karla shares the positive impact this has had on her local government career.

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Portrait of Karla Overington wearing a headset and smiling

The title of winner of 'Local Government Apprentice of the Year 2021' was awarded to Karla Overington, a business administration apprentice from West Sussex County Council (WSCC).

Karla had ambitions to further her career at West Sussex County Council and felt hopeful that at some point she may pursue an advanced apprenticeship too. She said: “Since winning 'Local Government Apprentice of the Year', I have completed my level 3 business administration apprenticeship, and have also in that time secured two promotions and have more than doubled my salary since winning. 

“Three months after winning, I secured a role at WSCC as a technician within the highways programme management office, and a year later was promoted to a PMO officer. 

"Winning the award brought a lot of recognition, even as far as from Becky Shaw, our CEO at WSCC. In turn this meant that my efforts and contributions were recognised, which assisted me with both the skills and confidence to be able to further develop my career.

“I feel incredibly proud and honoured to have developed on my journey in the way in which I have and feel that I could not have asked for more. There is no denying that the Local Government Apprentice of the Year event played a huge part in catapulting my career to where it is now, and for that, I will remain eternally humble and grateful. 

“In September 2023, I started a level 6 project management degree apprenticeship, through both WSCC and Portsmouth University, and so far, I am thoroughly enjoying the course, and feel incredibly grateful of the opportunities that I have, and continue to be given, to further develop my career. 

“Since attending the local government apprentice of the year event, the future seemed brighter than it ever had, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that I have been on since attending, and evermore look forward to what the future holds as well as how far I can continue to develop.”