Laura De Campos Duhdamell: Winner - Apprentice of the Year 2023

Lau’s journey to becoming this year’s winner started when she was chosen by Surrey County Council to represent them at the event.

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The title of winner of the Local Government Apprentice of the Year 2023 was awarded to Laura De Campos Duhdamell (Lau), a level 3 Business Administration Apprentice from Surrey County Council. 

The theme for the 2023 event was focused on climate change and how councils can meet net zero targets. Although Lau had heard the term ‘net zero’, she was keen to really understand what this actually meant. As such, prior to the event, she carried out extensive research into the subject area. She also networked with key individuals within her organisation who had experience in these areas as well as connecting with other apprentices, who then collectively supported each other in their research. This effort meant that Lau went into the event feeling prepared and confident. 

During the event, Lau’s preparation and networking with other apprentices really paid off. Despite her initial concern that she was not familiar with the event topic, her new-found knowledge put her in good stead for the tasks she had to undertake. In addition to gaining knowledge and insight into the theme of the event, throughout the day Lau also loved getting to meet other apprentices, hearing their ideas, learning about their backgrounds and ultimately forging meaningful connections.

Laura De Campos Duhdamell, winner of Local Government Apprentice of the Year 2023

I feel like together we can make huge changes. We are all the workforce for the future in the public sector. I expanded my knowledge of Net Zero, formed meaningful connections and furthered my understanding of the work of influential figures like Marisa Heath, the cabinet member for environment. The event provided me with unexpected opportunities for growth, learning, and networking, surpassing my initial expectations. 

Picture this: a place where you can shine and get recognised for your hard work. It's not just about networking though; this event is all about collaborating and learning. You'll dive deep into hot topics that matter to our work, gaining insights that will turbocharge your skills and understanding. Trust me, attending this event can open doors, give you awesome experiences and connect you with people who can truly make a difference in your career.

Since winning the event, Lau has already been offered numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth and has gone on to secure herself a permanent role within Surrey County Council. As the co-chair of the Early Careers Network and a committee member of the Women's Network within the council, Lau says that she considers it an honour to represent and support the journey of all apprentices.