Climate change hub

Alongside the majority of councils, the LGA has declared a climate emergency. As part of our sector-led improvement work, we offer a wide range of support to help councils address climate change and environmental sustainability.

Climate change hub

Our commitment

Across England and Wales, councils are taking urgent action in their local areas with partners and their local communities to combat the negative impacts of climate change and to deliver net zero carbon by 2050. The aim of our climate change support programme is to help councils and residents to reach their local carbon reduction targets by adapting and mitigating the effects of climate change.

We are committed to supporting councils to continue to take action on climate in the best way possible. In this hub, we bring together an overview of our support offer, and information on upcoming events, relevant publications and notable examples of practice.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability and climate action in our LGA Business Plan 2019–22.

Key information

Our climate change programme forms part of our sector support offer to local authorities and is funded by the UK Government.

Contact us by emailing [email protected] or on Twitter @LGAcomms.