Behavioural insights

Our Behavioural Insights Programme is one of the many ways we support local authorities to innovate across all service areas.

Local authorities are under more pressure than ever, with decreasing resources and increasing demand for services which can act as a barrier to the take-up of innovative ideas. In order to combat this, the LGA has joint-funded several behavioural insights projects within councils – reducing the financial risk to the councils and encouraging innovation.

Our 2022/23 Behavioural Insights Programme

Behavioural insights continue to be applied to increasingly complex issues in local government. We are building an evidence base of successful uses of behavioural insights, which local authorities can use to improve their services.

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We are interested in hearing about any behavioural insights projects that your local authority is running. Please email details of your projects to [email protected] so that we can promote your work across the local government sector.