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Applying behavioural insights to improve COVID-19 vaccination uptake

The overall objective of this material is to serve as a resource for councils that are working to encourage COVID-19 vaccine uptake; show how behavioural insights (BI) can be applied to specific challenges related to vaccine uptake; and provide support for councils that are interested in applying more advanced BI methods, tools, and techniques.

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Local government is central to the successful rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. In particular, our work will help ensure that:

  • 1. Hard to reach communities and groups are engaged
  • 2. Myths and apprehensions about the vaccine are addressed
  • 3. Residents continue to adhere to prevention measures
  • 4. Businesses and residents have the materials and information needed to protect themselves and their communities.

Behavioural science is being applied by councils to help navigate these challenges. It can provide frameworks and theories to help understand how and why residents are behaving as they are. It also provides principles and insights which can inform campaigns and develop solutions which can help people overcome barriers to vaccine take up. .

This resource was developed for councils to provide a behavioural science ‘toolkit’ to tackle challenges related to COVID-19 vaccination. It was developed by The Behaviouralist and drew on work being delivered by local authorities, the latest academic research, and key findings from analagous fields.