Challenge 3: Wiltshire Council

In March the LG Challenge 2024 cohort headed to the South West to tackle their third challenge, hosted by Wiltshire Council.

You can also view an audio described version of the Challenge 3 video on our YouTube channel.

Challenge 3 marked the halfway point on the programme for the 2024 cohort. The host this time round would be Wiltshire Council, a large rural unitary authority in the South West. Our contestants received a warm welcome from council colleagues headed by Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of the Council, who kicked off the challenge by providing an overview of the area, demographics, and culture. It was revealed that the challenge question was selected following a corporate peer challenge in Wiltshire by the LGA and the need to reap long term benefits for the community.

  • Working on the assumption that there will be no additional funding from central government or the council, how might Wiltshire Council mitigate against the impacts of the ending of the HSF?
  • How can Wiltshire Council retain some of the benefits generated by the HSF, once the funding ends. For example, how can the council preserve the improved relationship with the third sector and outreach into areas of the community that we had previously found harder to reach?

Team Dynamic’s pitch was about creating a One Wiltshire Network (OWN) comprising of all relevant stakeholders such as the private sector, the NHS, and external partners to better plan for existing funding – making it sustainable and non-council reliant, explore alternative funding options, and act as a voice for underrepresented stakeholders. This approach was projected to help the council save more, strengthen cross sector partner relationships, and better support residents.

Marelize, Team Dynamic Captain, smiling in front of a whiteboard in a meeting room

It does feel amazing to be recognised for the effort we put in and for the ideas we came up with."

Marelize, Team Dynamic Captain 

Team Victorious’ recommendation was for the council to generate income to cover the funding gap through various ways such as charging 10 per cent for social value on all contracts beyond £100,000 annually and organising community lotteries to fund good causes. They also proposed that the council create a community board that builds on the good work delivered while administering the HSF, with a strategic agenda. 

Ramisa, Team Victorious Captain, sitting in an office

I felt like I also welcomed everyone in, and everyone felt valued and I hope that that goes a long way into my journey as a leader.”

 Ramisa, Team Victorious Captain

After getting through their presentations, followed by a tough set of questions from the panel, the judges’ deliberation was another very close call. However, the judges finally settled on awarding Team Dynamic the win as they had a better focus on partnership working and felt their response was more in line with the vision of the council. 

We would want to draw on both teams’ ideas. The whole exercise is of value, not just to the contestants, but to Wiltshire Council and our staff.” 

Cllr Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Wiltshire Council  


  • Claire Holloway, Head of Corporate Services, Local Government Association (Head Judge)
  • Cllr Ian Blair-Pilling, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Wiltshire Council
  • Parvis Khansari, Corporate Director for Place, Wiltshire Council