Children's services peer review: feedback from local authorities

"At all times the team carried out their duties in an approachable and supportive manner, often offering helpful suggestions and advice."

"We found the LGA peer review process incredibly positive and valuable, the review was led by a very experienced and accomplished DCS (Director of Children's Services) and they, with the LGA, put together a very effective team who provided reassurance about our plans for improvement and our priorities but also provided challenge and advice on several key issues. Weeks after the LGA peer review we received the OFSTED ILACS call and the peer review provided excellent preparation for all our teams and partners…”

Steve Reddy, DCS, Liverpool City Council – Children’s Safeguarding Peer Review.
"A co-produced methodology, a high impact, strengths base approach coupled with a ‘sweet and sour’ challenge to reviewing social work practice and its impact on outcomes for children has without a doubt help us on our readiness journey to an amazing Ofsted Good result in April 2018.”

Ana Popovici, DCS, LB Hillingdon - Safeguarding Practice Diagnostic
"We found the CPD extremely helpful in moving us forward. The way in which the CPD was conducted, together with the many insights, meant that we were left highly motivated to make informed changes and indeed this has already happened in a number of areas. All of the recommendations have been incorporated into our improvement plans and the findings (and our response) have been scheduled for discussion at the relevant strategic boards and partnerships to ensure ownership across the whole system as well as at an operational level."

Carolyn Godfrey, DCS, Wiltshire Council – Care Practice Diagnostic
"I should like to put on record my appreciation to the peer review team and for the work they undertook in Shropshire. Whilst not always comfortable, the team professionally and constructively challenged our thinking and helped us to reflect on, refine and hone our priorities. At all times the team carried out their duties in an approachable and supportive manner, often offering helpful suggestions and advice. The process was wholly enabling and I should like to offer my thanks therefore to all members of the team for their support and commitment to Shropshire. It was a most positive experience – we could not have asked for a better team. I should be grateful if you would pass on my thanks and appreciation to all members of the team."

Karen Bradshaw, DCS, Shropshire Council – Children's Safeguarding Peer review
"Self-awareness is an important aspect of our continuous improvement. The LGA Safeguarding Peer Review gave us an excellent opportunity to test our knowledge of ourselves both internally and with wider partners. The themes of the review captured the political, corporate and partnership perspective as well as from the service and frontline. This approach gave us a richness of information which has informed our plans for the future."

Clare Marchant, Chief Executive at Worcestershire County Council - Children's Safeguarding Peer review