Equalities peer support – our offer

Our peer support offer to councils includes access to bespoke peer support and equalities frameworks to support councils to addressing equalities, diversity, and inclusion.


The LGA’s sector led improvement programme provides councils and Fire and Rescue Authorities with access to bespoke peer support, including a bespoke equality peer challenge, informed by an equalities framework.

The LGA's Equality Framework for Local Government is designed to support councils to meet their EDI objectives and obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

This support offer is provided by a combination of officer and member peers. Officer peers are subject experts, often Heads of EDI in their own authority. Member peers have EDI in their portfolio or have experience and knowledge of championing EDI issues in their council and community.

We also provide access to bespoke equalities training, delivered by trainers and member peers with EDI expertise and experience.

To access or learn more about the support available in this area, please contact your regional LGA principal adviser.