LG Challenge

Now in its ninth year, the competition sees the best and brightest local government officers compete in a series of real-life challenges around the country.

LG Challenge

Applications for the LG Challenge are now closed

The LGA is looking for 10 cracking contestants to take part in this year’s LG Challenge. Now in its ninth year, LG Challenge seeks out the best and brightest local government officers to compete in a series of real-life challenges at secret locations around the country.

Master problem solvers who are passionate about delivering the best for the residents they serve, LG Challengers will come up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by local government from creating new tourist destinations to saving millions in adult social care. With a Bruce Lockheart scholarship worth up to £10,000 for the winner, you’ll have an opportunity to make a real and long lasting impact in your area, as well as giving your CV a substantial edge.

Over a 6-month period in early 2018, 10 contestants will tackle five tough real life challenges in councils across the country, spanning front line, financial, creative and leadership challenges. They will develop and hone their people and political management skills, their business acumen and their presentation style and gain valuable media experience. Those who make the final four will be set a final challenge at the 2018 Annual Conference in Birmingham.

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There are two routes for contestants to apply this year -

Chief Executive Nomination
We are asking chief executives and management teams to put forward their rising stars to apply for the 2018 competition – details below


If you think you have what it takes to be one our contestants then seek your chief executives support and please apply below

We are asking applicants to complete the following

  1. A two minute to camera presentation on something that you are passionate about. This can be filmed on a phone or tablet.​*
  2. Tell us in no more than 250 words what you hope to get out of being a LG Challenge contestant.
  3. Tell us in no more than 250 words how you meet one of the competencies listed – you can use work or other examples -
  • Innovation and problem solving
  • Political awareness
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Business acumen
  • Communication
  • Working collaboratively

The deadline for applications was Monday 11 December at 5pm
If you have any questions then please email ami.beeton@local.gov.uk.

*If you are unable to send your two minutes film due to the size allowed by your email server we would recommend using WeTransfer to send them to ami.beeton@local.gov.uk. If you have any issues with this please get in touch with our web team (webmaster@local.gov.uk) who will be able to assist you.