LG Challenge 2018

Now in its ninth year, the competition sees the best and brightest local government officers compete in a series of real-life challenges around the country.


Master problem solvers who are passionate about delivering the best for the residents they serve, LG Challengers will come up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by local government from creating new tourist destinations to saving millions in adult social care. With a Bruce Lockhart scholarship worth up to £10,000 for the winner, you’ll have an opportunity to make a real and long lasting impact in your area, as well as giving your CV a substantial edge.

Over a 6-month period in early 2018, 10 contestants will tackle five tough real life challenges in councils across the country, spanning front line, financial, creative and leadership challenges. They will develop and hone their people and political management skills, their business acumen and their presentation style and gain valuable media experience. Those who make the final four will be set a final challenge at the 2018 Annual Conference in Birmingham.

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