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Data tools for managing transfers of care

Use these tools to interrogate comparative information


All data used in the following tools is taken from the NHS England monthly Delayed Transfers of Care Data. This is sourced from the Monthly Situation Report which collects data on the total delayed days during the month for all patients delayed throughout the month. As of April 2017, data on the number of patients delayed on the last Thursday of the month has been replaced by a similar measure called DToC Beds. The DToC Beds figure is calculated by dividing the number of delayed days during the month by the number of calendar days in the month. This provides a similar figure to the patient snapshot, but is more representative of the entire month rather than providing a view on one particular day.

Thematic area based reports

The following interactive thematic reports present a range of area based information. They were created through LG Inform, the Local Government Association’s free and interactive online reporting and comparison tool.

Delayed transfers of care – quick view

Delayed transfers of care (all measures)

Delayed transfers of care - summary overview for your selected area

Further information is also available using a range of Excel based tools. These allow a detailed interrogation of the monthly published delayed transfers of care data at both council and Trust level. They identify where and why delays are happening and provide councils with a baseline that indicates areas where action is most needed and/or can make an impact. (Note these are large documents and may take time to open.)

Delayed transfers of care analysis over time by reason

Latest delayed transfers of care detailed analysis (monthly)

Delayed transfers of care extended time series (monthly by Council and Trust)

The achievement/delivery of reductions to delayed transfers of care has been prioritised by the Department of Health as part of the Better Care Fund Planning Requirements for 2017-19. To support local areas in setting and monitoring their target reductions, a further DTOC analysis tool to support BCF is also now available.