Improving support for unpaid carers

We're developing a suite of new resources to assist councils to improve their local support for unpaid carers and to prepare for Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessment. In this section, you'll find links to all of our resources, webinars and support offers.

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We're prepared a suite of resources, webinars and support tools to help councils improving their local support for unpaid carers and prepare for CQC assessment.

All of our work on unpaid carers is undertaken in partnership with councils, carers organisations and unpaid carers, and alongside the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Carers Policy Network and regional carer's leads networks.

Whats the story? Using National Carer Data to develop your narrative for Care Quality Commission (CQC) Assurance 

You can download the presentation from the CQC Assurance webinar that took place on 8 November 2023.

What's the story?

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) PowerPoint template

We've developed these PowerPoint slides with the ADASS Carers Policy Group for councils to use when briefing and raising the profile of unpaid carers with integrated care system (ICS) colleagues. You can add your own logos, branding and content to this slide deck, and feel free to adapt them as needed to suit your local requirements.

Download the ICS template

The Carers Challenge 2023

The Carers Challenge 2023, led by ADASS President Beverley Tarka, Carers Trust and Carers UK, aims to inspire new ways to support unpaid carers. 

As part of the challenge, social care teams and their partners in integrated care systems and communities are being invited to put forward examples of what they’re doing to improve support for carers. Initiatives could include providing better access to breaks, supporting more carers to come forward for help or awareness-raising campaigns.

The aim is to bring these examples together into one online storehouse of great ideas that anyone working in care can use to improve support for carers.

Register to take part before 9 December 2023.

Register for The Carers Challenge

Unpaid carers and Care Quality Commission (CQC) assurance

This toolkit is designed to support councils with CQC assurance as it relates to unpaid carers. It builds on published information about the CQC's approach to assessing how well councils are discharging their duties under The Care Act (2014). It sets out how the CQC will approach evidence collection; the types of evidence they will use; their likely lines of enquiry as they relate to unpaid carers and links to useful resources and materials. In addition to our toolkit, there is a range of support available on all aspects of the new CQC assurance framework.

Go to the CQC Assurance toolkit

Ten things to do now to prepare for CQC assurance as it relates to unpaid carers

A quick checklist developed by the ADASS Carers Group, councils, Carers Trust, Carers UK, NICE, and Partners in Care and Health.

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