Influencing the national picture: Digital transformation in adult social care

We work with partners to influence longer-term planning, ensuring adult social care needs are embedded within national policy, strategy, and delivery.

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Our work

Adult Social Care Charging Reform

Collaborating closely with DHSC and NHSX, CHIP has provided support to the discovery process for the implementation of care accounts that support the introduction of the £86,000 care cap and the metering of contributions towards this from October 2023.

Formation of a technology working group with representation from ADASS, LGA, NAFAO and the involvement of councils, care providers and people in receipt of care, alongside key IT suppliers in the sector, has helped to inform this [LINK]research[/LINK] undertaken by Socitm Advisory and Mason Advisory. It is recommended that the technology work for charging reform be split into three workstreams:

Minimum viable product (MVP) for the care account Sector-led improvement (SLI) approach, looking at ways technology can support productivity Future work on scoping potential benefits of a national and integrated care account, building on the MVP

While a local approach to delivery of the MVP has been recommended, there is strong commitment on the part of Government to continued collaboration with the sector, coordinating development work with IT suppliers and councils to meet the minimum requirements of reforms and supporting councils to harness technologies that can enhance productivity to help meet new demand, including online self-assessment.

To help prepare for charging reform, councils can complete their charging reform technology readiness assessment by accessing their individualised council link from their regional lead. For any queries, please contact [email protected].

Better Security, Better Care

Better Security Better Care aims to support care providers in cyber security, care record management, and GDPR compliance. CHIP Digital have been closely working with ADASS, Digital Social Care, NHS and providers to ensure compliance with the programme and offering support in completing Digital Security Toolkits. Councils are encouraged to promote their commissioned care providers in completing the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) annual self-assessment to help keep your citizens information safe from attack. Councils can view more information on the toolkit and may also contact their regional ADASS lead in Better Security Better Care.

What Good Looks Like

What Good Looks Like is a framework developed by NHS Transformation Directorate through the COVID-19 pandemic based on local digital transformation. It draws on good practice at a local level with digital innovation and solutions. We've helped develop a version of the framework for adult social care so that local authorities and care providers can better understand what they need to do to work well digitally. Councils can view the Digital working in adult social care: What Good Looks Like framework.

Discharge to Assess

The Discharge to Assess model has been implemented since March 2020 across health and social care systems. CHIP Digital has been supporting councils in sharing good practice from across the country in data presentation. Councils can view more information on hospital discharge on our website. We are also working with NHS Transformation Directorate in promoting digital discharge and the use of technology to support safe and effective discharge to home. Councils can view our webinars that the LGA has run on digital discharge. Councils can also see the dataset for community and acute discharge.