Councillor development – 2022/23 highlights

In 2022/23, our councillor development offer supported councils to build greater leadership capacity and develop local politicians at all stages, from their selection, to becoming a leader.


  • Our councillor development programme covers development opportunities such as Leadership Academy, Leadership Essentials, one-day masterclasses, and online training resources, including our e-learning platform and digital workbooks.
  • Focus on Leadership weekenders also feature as part of this offer, providing support unrepresented groups, including Black, Asian and minority ethnic councillors, LGBTQ+ councillors and young councillors.
  • We developed and delivered a new support package for disabled councillors and candidates, which included a bespoke leadership programme in partnership with Disability Rights UK, and a one-to-one coaching offer.




During 2022/23:

  • 970 councillors from 245 councils attended our leadership programmes
  • we delivered 56 programmes, including seven Leadership Academies, 39 Leadership Essentials programmes, four masterclasses, and six Focus on Leadership programmes
  • 100 per cent of respondents said that our Disabled Councillors Leadership programme event provided a positive learning and development opportunity
  • 22 disabled councillors received one-to-one coaching support, and feedback indicated that 100 per cent of those councillors said that the coaching had a positive impact on their development
  • the number of Black, Asian and minority ethnic councillors participating in development sessions increased to 24 per cent across the programmes
  • Our Focus on Leadership programmes, and our BAME and LGBTQ+ weekenders, had their largest ever cohorts.



Delegate feedback

Leadership Essentials programme on 'Being an effective cabinet member'

I feel so much better about everything going forward and really feel like I’ve been given fantastic advice for navigating issues I am facing.

This was such a useful course and so well timed at the start of my new role as Councillor and Cabinet Member. Thank you!

One-day 'Communications and media' masterclass

I found the whole session really useful and I am looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice. One of the best training courses I have attended, and I would definitely recommend to colleagues.

I honestly thought this course was excellent – very engaging, jam packed with useful information. I only wished that more people knew about it!

Leadership Academy

Thanks so much for a brilliant few days. I have had so many light bulb moments since being on the course and I understand myself and way of working so much better.

It was great meeting other councillors from all over the country. There’s comfort in knowing others is sharing same concerns and difficulties as oneself, I am so glad to be on this journey with the group.

Focus on Leadership programme – BAME Councillor Weekender

No matter how long you’ve been a councillor, there is always something new and fresh. Its great networking, great speakers, great host, and a great experience. Thank you so much – every BAME councillor should join the LGA BAME Councillor Weekender and develop their skill set, make connections, and participate fully not for themselves but to ensure that future generations of increasingly diverse communities are empowered to achieve equality.

Focus on Leadership programme – LGBTQ+ Councillor Weekender

The weekend was extremely useful, helping bring together councillors from all parties with common purpose. Sometimes it can be isolating to be LGBTQ+ on the council. It has been great to be with like-minded people and to focus on issues important.

Focus on Leadership programme – Young Councillor Weekender

The opportunity for this weekend has been invaluable – it gave me a safe space to learn and develop and I finished the weekend a much more rounded councillor than I started.